Plastic screws are fasteners used for assembling plastic components.
Nylon screws can be used with or without nuts and bolts . Plastic screws are lightweight, tough, resistant to corrosion, and have good electrical-insulating properties.
Technical design
8274 VTSB-M3X4 6,3 4 1,65 0,7 M3 0.5
8275 VTSB-M3X6 6,3 6 1,65 0,7 M3 0.5
8276 VTSB-M3X8 6,3 8 1,65 0,7 M3 0.5
8277 VTSB-M3X10 6,3 10 1,65 0,7 M3 0.5
8278 VTSB-M3X12 6,3 12 1,65 0,7 M3 0.5
8279 VTSB-M3X16 6,3 16 1,65 0,7 M3 0.5
8280 VTSB-M3X20 6,3 20 1,65 0,7 M3 0.5
8281 VTSB-M3X25 6,3 25 1,65 0,7 M3 0.5
8282 VTSB-M4X6 9,4 6 2,7 1 M4 0.7
8283 VTSB-M4X8 9,4 8 2,7 1 M4 0.7
8284 VTSB-M4X10 9,4 10 2,7 1 M4 0.7
8285 VTSB-M4X12 9,4 12 2,7 1 M4 0.7
8286 VTSB-M4X16 9,4 16 2,7 1 M4 0.7
8287 VTSB-M4X18 9,4 18 2,7 1 M4 0.7
8288 VTSB-M4X20 9,4 20 2,7 1 M4 0.7
8289 VTSB-M4X25 9,4 25 2,7 1 M4 0.7
8291 VTSB-M4X40 9,4 40 2,7 1 M4 0.7
8292 VTSB-M5X10 10,4 10 2,7 1,2 M5 0.8
8293 VTSB-M5X12 10,4 12 2,7 1,2 M5 0.8
8294 VTSB-M5X15 10,4 15 2,7 1,2 M5 0.8
8295 VTSB-M5X20 10,4 20 2,7 1,2 M5 0.8
8296 VTSB-M5X25 10,4 25 2,7 1,2 M5 0.8
8297 VTSB-M5X30 9,1 30 2,7 1,2 M5 0.8
8298 VTSB-M5X40 10,4 40 2,7 1,2 M5 0.8
8299 VTSB-M6X8 11 8 3,3 1,4 M6 1.0
8300 VTSB-M6X10 11 10 3,3 1,4 M6 1.0
8301 VTSB-M6X16 11 16 3,3 1,4 M6 1.0
8302 VTSB-M6X20 11 20 3,3 1,4 M6 1.0
8303 VTSB-M6X25 11 25 3,3 1,4 M6 1.0
8304 VTSB-M6X30 11 30 3,3 1,4 M6 1.0
8305 VTSB-M6X40 11 40 3,3 1,4 M6 1.0
8306 VTSB-M6X50 11 50 3,3 1,4 M6 1.0
8307 VTSB-M8X20 14,5 20 4,65 2 M8 1.25
8308 VTSB-M8X25 14,5 25 4,65 2 M8 1.25
8309 VTSB-M8X30 14,5 30 4,65 2 M8 1.25
8310 VTSB-M8X40 14,5 40 4,65 2 M8 1.25
8311 VTSB-M8X50 14,5 50 4,65 2 M8 1.25

Searching for raised slotted countersunk screws?

If you are looking for plastic slotted pan head, socket head, hexagonal head, thumb head or crossed pan head screws or if you are looking for miniatures then you are definitely on the right site because Panozzo has an almost endless array of all types of fasteners and fixings to meet the needs of all users.

Panozzo not only manages fasteners of plastic, but can also make in plastic by customer design, for small lots.

A strong point is our website www.panozzosrl.com, which is structured according to the use of products such raised slotted countersunk screws and with the images of the plastic fasteners well in evidence.

The site www.panozzosrl.com allows customers and/or potential clients to easily and quickly find the miniatures of plastic it needs.

Panozzo has than five thousand items of plastic molded of various materials (polyethylene, PVC, nylon, EPDM, silicone, etc.)

With ethical and logical technical and economic support, evaluation and advice on the type of miniatures which is most suited to the customer.

Why utilized fasteners and fixings

Often, for various technical and safety requirements, there is the obligation to eliminate potential electrical conductors and then one must to use alternative materials such as plastic, which guarantees the same mechanical properties of metals but without having their negative characteristics.

Our not metallic plastic slotted pan head, socket head, hexagonal head, thumb head or crossed pan head screws are lighter and absorbs the strong vibrations in the most opportune way without unscrewing, are difficult to break and thanks to their elasticity they are resistant to any kind of shock.

Where to find fasteners of plastic? Simple! In the fasteners and fixings of our site you can find all the fastening systems which exclude the use of metal you're looking for.

The fastening systems which exclude the use of metal Panozzo can be used in commercial vehicles and for the installation of industrial vehicles, for which it is essential to ease the installation of fasteners of plastic and screw in plastic.

The use of plastic slotted pan head, socket head, hexagonal head, thumb head or crossed pan head screws is provided for vans, for trucks, for vehicles, for trailers,for buses and for coaches.

There are many uses for raised slotted countersunk screws in plastic of a vehicle: to create fastening systems which exclude the use of metal and they can withstand vibrations. In addition, the fasteners in plastic must be able to withstand atmospheric agents and also ensure the fastening of thin sheet metal.

The objective of Panozzo is to help companies make the best purchase. This is why we offer the fastening systems which exclude the use of metal that are closer to customer's needs.

Panozzo has a well-stocked warehouse of over 700 square meters.

Where to find fasteners and fixings

If you are looking plastic slotted pan head, socket head, hexagonal head, thumb head or crossed pan head screws , screw in nylon to drive fasteners of plastic for the body or for the preparation of the vehicles you will definitely find all in the site category fasteners and fixings. When it comes to miniatures in plastic it is expected to be a major commodity for the repair of a car because it's not easy to find. Thanks to our careful attention to product quality, you will have screw of plastic both viable and efficient. Browse the category fasteners and fixings and find the fasteners in plastic for the body that you need most.

Panozzo can become your only point of reference for the purchase of nautical accessories of plastic regarding fastening systems which exclude the use of metal as the screw of plastic and fasteners in plastic.

For the realization of exhibitors assembled with fasteners and fixings or interlocking, raised slotted countersunk screws are also used.

The fasteners and fixings are in the car, on the shelves, in furniture, machinery, in the home fixtures, household appliances, computer and therefore almost anywhere you find fasteners in plastic

From Panozzo you can find fasteners and fixings for signs, road signs, raised slotted countersunk screws for photovoltaics, screw in plastic for the automotive sector. Panozzo has always been the preferred partner for the development of advanced solutions for all types of fastening systems which exclude the use of metal.

In many situations it is necessary to intervene by removing the materials that may be electrical conductors or which may be subject to dangerous corrosion processes for the structures that use fasteners and fixings. In these cases it is necessary to replace metal parts with fastening systems which exclude the use of metal which, however, possess the same durability characteristics.

The screw in plastic, for example miniatures of plastic, is used especially in those cases in which the elements are subjected to strong corrosion for long periods, in which even hardened steel is unable to withstand. It also has good elastic properties that can provide adequate resistance to vibrations.

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