EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate)
Large pull-tab allows easy removal
Internal lip prevents ingress of dirt
Material provides good tensile strength, toughness and increased flexibility
Ideal for capping hydraulic hoses and fittings
Technical design
9177 CTI4X21 4 21
9178 CTI5X20 5 20
9179 CTI6X20 6 20
9180 CTI8X20 8 20
9181 CTI9X20 9 20
9182 CTI10X20 10 20
9183 CTI11X20 11 20
9184 CTI12X20 12 20
9185 CTI13X20 13 20
9186 CTI14X20 14 20
9187 CTI15X20 15 20
9188 CTI16X20 16 20
9189 CTI18X20 18 20
9190 CTI20X20 20 20
9191 CTI20X30 20 30
9192 CTI24X20 24 20

Where to buy pull-tab caps?

Panozzo is the right place if you are looking for caps or if you are looking for a particular model of cap because it has a series of infinite characters of every type of threads protection to satisfy every need.

For the protection of threads in painting at high and medium temperatures Panozzo recommends the use of pull-tab caps in silicone or pull-tab caps in rubber. The caps of Panozzo are made of different materials depending on the use and the measures range from 0.5 mm to over 100 mm.

Panozzo has more than five thousand articles of plastic printed in various materials (pvc, eva (ethylene vinyl acetate), epdm, silicone, etc.) in its warehouse is over 700 square meters.

If you can not find the right product or if you have specific needs, Panozzo is able to create articles in plastic based on customer drawings, for small lots.

The strong point is the internet site: www.panozzosrl.com, which is structured according to the use of the products as pull-tab caps and with the images of caps in plastic well in evidence.

The www.panozzosrl.com site allows the customer to find the cap of plastic he needs very quickly and easily.

Where to find caps of plastic? Simple! In the threads protection section of our www.panozzosrl.com website you can find what you are looking for.

The caps of plastic that you find in the catalog are available in our warehouse and will be shipped as soon as possible, because for us it is essential that every customer receives the material in the shortest possible time.

Thanks to our extensive expertise in consultancy, design and production of molded parts in plastic and pull-tab caps, our offer of threads protection can embrace different application fields of the industry.

From Panozzo you can find caps of plastic for signage and road signs, for photovoltaic, for the automotive sector. Panozzo has always been the reference partner for the development of advanced solutions for threads protection.

In addition, the caps are found in cars, on shelves, in furniture, in machinery, in home fixtures, in household appliances, in computers, etc. Virtually everywhere!

It is very important to close any holes on machinery or other products for the protection from dirt, dust and humidity. In this case we always look for an economic solution with a cap of plastic quick to insert and remove.

With caps of closure holes you can to close any type of hole on sheet metal, on furniture, on light points, in the wall and other artifacts.

If you need a cap hole cover for furniture or for window frames on our www.panozzosrl.com site you can find in closure holes section different caps aesthetic that are right for you.

Very often the same cap in plastic can be used for different purposes such as for example for molded cases circular or for poles or of protection for pipes.

The use of caps of protection against pollutants, dirt or humidity during shipment or storage is very important because it allows to avoid damage to the product and therefore maintenance costs. In threads protection you can request a sample of the cap that you want to test.

for closure molded cases caps finned in plastic standard are used, always available in stock and ready to be shipped.

The range includes caps of plastic for tubolar circular, rectangular and square. Some caps are also equipped with a handle or tongue for an easier installation.

Have you ever thought how much time is lost in the production of a cap in iron to be welded on tubolar? Using caps finned of plastic is the fastest, easiest and most economical solution.

Knowing that it is not always easy to choose the cap suitable for your purpose, we decided to help our customers by sending free samples on request. To request them, all you have to do is go to www.panozzosrl.com. We will send samples by post or your courier to the address you indicate.

How to request samples of threads protection?

To request samples of threads protection click on the image of the cap of your interest. You can select one or more caps and, once you have chosen, click on the link to check the selections and send the request. Please note that if you are already a customer of Panozzo or have already requested samples, you can log in to the CUSTOMER AREA, thus avoiding having to enter all your personal data.

How to request an offer of pull-tab caps?

If you have to request an offer click on the image of pull-tab caps and then on the code that interests. Click on the icon to the left of the code: the cap is inserted in the cart. Click on the display of the cart, indicate the quantity of caps required and fill in all the details of the personal data if you are not already a customer, otherwise enter the user and password. If you need to add another cap of the threads protection or other category, click on the green arrow back to the products.

Do you want to download the PDF catalog of the threads protection family?

You can download the always updated PDF catalog of caps in plastic of your interest from the main page of threads protection or from the PDF CATALOGS section of our www.panozzosrl.com website. The catalog shows the image, the design, the material of production and the dimensions of the cap in plastic that you find on the site.

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